Random immigration to America 2021, a lottery for immigration to America


Lottery for immigration to America 2021 … Learn about the procedures and conditions for registration by lot

DV lottery for immigration to America 2021 opens its doors for those wishing to register in the American lottery for immigration to America.

And the US authorities will open the door to participate in the Green Card Lottery at the beginning of next October.

And every year, millions of individuals around the world are awaiting that lottery, as close to 50 million people, at least, register in the lottery.

Despite the double-winning rate in the American lottery, there are those who have been in the lottery for many years.

And the percentage of winning the lottery in America does not exceed 1 percent of the number of registered people in the lottery all over the world.

As nearly 50 thousand individuals are given to change the American green card, which gives the winners the right to permanent residence in America.

DV lottery for immigration to America 2021

The dv lottery program for immigration to America in 2021, or the American lottery, is one of the most famous immigration programs in the world.

Although registering in the lottery is an easy matter, many registrants make great mistakes when filling out the information.

Indeed, there are many people, who are exposed to fraud by some quarters with the fear that the lottery requires taxes in exchange for enrollment.

And during today’s conference, we will stop with some important key data before registering for Lottery 2021.

The requirements and conditions for registration in the random immigration to America 2021

1 _ Registration in the lottery is completely free of charge, and no taxes are collected by the officially recognized site of the American lottery.

2 _ It is only possible to register in the American Lottery 2021 through one site, and you can register in the American lottery 2021 through that site:


3 _ It is not possible to know the results of the 2021 draw except by the same website.

4- Registration is required within a period not exceeding 30 minutes from the moment the applicant begins writing his / her information in the lottery form.

And in the event that the applicant has passed 30 minutes, the applicant will have to reapply in the American lottery again.

5- It is not possible for any individual to submit an increase in the application, and anyone who wants to submit an immigration application is allowed to submit one application.

6 _ Any individual or entity can apply on behalf of any other individual without any problems, but the application process in the lottery is easy.

7 _ A passport is not required to register in the lottery, and the US immigration website does not require the presence of a government document during the application.

Except that the name that was written in the lottery must be the same name in the passport and government documents of the applicant.

8 _ The winning rate in the American lottery does not exceed 1 percent, which is a small percentage compared to the numbers registered by the lottery.

Therefore, whoever registers in the lottery does not have to leave his job until after the results are revealed and the victory is certain and the American Consulate interview is completed.

9 _ Married people can submit separate applications in the American lottery, and in the event that one of the two partners wins the lottery for immigration to America, the dv lottery 2021.

He can include his partner in his application, and continue immigration procedures to America after winning the American lottery.

Register on the US random immigration website for 2021

How to register on the random immigration website and how to access the official US random immigration website: –

Registration is available for all countries of the world in the random immigration to America.

Registration in random migration is available to every person who has attained secondary schools or its equivalent.

– Registration in American immigration is available only once for you, and if you are married and your husband has a high school qualification or higher, as a certificate that is accepted in American random immigration, the husband is also entitled to register if the chances of acceptance in immigration to America are greater.
Singles are allowed to register.

– It is allowed and must be registered for the married / married woman and to add his wife and children under 21 years only.

– Registration is allowed for married / married women and adding children from another marriage under 21 years old.

– It is not allowed to add those connected to the engagement in their addition to the registration, it must be an official marriage.

Date of registration in the American lottery

The date of registration in the American lottery every year is in the month of 10 days 3 and the registration extends for a period longer than a full month and ends in the month of 11 days 7 of each year and the result of the acceptance is known in the month 5 of the 7th of the following year, that is, between the registration period in random immigration to America to Knowing the result of acceptance of American immigration 7 months.
Conditions for immigration to America

The conditions for immigration to America through the American immigration lottery and here we mean that there are other ways to immigrate to America, and we will explain them also in all possible and available ways, but we will first explain the conditions for immigration to America through random immigration:

– As we mentioned a minimum qualification for a high school graduate or equivalent to a minimum qualification, meaning that a bachelor’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or master’s and doctorate can apply, and nothing favors the other for admission or opportunities. All are equal, so it is called American random immigration.

– Single, married and separated everyone can apply for this immigration.

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